The Muse

‘Prima fuit. Finis Erit.’ – Roman poet Sextus Propertius of his muse – ‘She was the first. She will be the last’


Inspirations – The Muse

Galerie D’Amour

‘The gallery without walls is a gallery of the mind and the heart; it is for our art’ – Andre Malraux

A collection of poems structured around an art gallery ‘without walls’ layout and themed on inspiration, creativity and the relationship with the muse.

Beautifully illustrated by artists Richard Spare and Kay Spare and sympathetically designed by Alison Ford of The Em Space.

This beautiful book
Linda Saunders, Editor, Modern Painters


The Uses Of Poetry

An album of ‘poemusic’ – John’s poems that describe the uses of poetry for the poet set to music by singer/songwriter, Hilary Harwood and composer/arranger, Alan Danson and performed by John, Hilary, Alan and a musical ensemble under Alan’s musical direction. With CD, booklet and case design by Alison Ford of The Em Space

The narrative suite of poems traces how a relationship impacts and beautifully deforms the profile, trajectory and meaning of the work.

Listen to the track of ‘Your Helen Kiss’ from the CD ‘The Uses Of Poetry’.